Youth aged 14/15 are classified as ‘U16’ under the Athletics Canada / BC Athletics age categories (BC Athletics age categories are defined as your age as of December 31st of the participating year). At this age, physical and social maturation levels can vary widely and are changing rapidly. Many youth this age are often just getting started in track and field, and not sure what events they want to do or try. Others may already know and/or have selected certain events as their favourites. Within our club, we still encourage trying all events at this age, but respect that a narrowing of event preferences may be starting to happen, especially where supported by an individual’s physical development.  Track and field at this age is still a seasonally encouraged sport, preferably as a complement to fall and winter sport participation.

Common to all programs within this age range is training to improve speed, acceleration, and power as these are qualities required in all athletics events.

U16 athletes pay one club fee, plus the required BC Athletics membership fee.

Within our club we try to offer several programs for these athletes. Athletes who wish to participate in more than one event area below can be accommodated, however this means attending practices for each group where needed, as practice schedules vary by coach availability.

U16 Power/Speed and Throws
This group trains for sprints, hurdles, jumps, throws and combined events (pentathlon) available for this age range.

U16 Middle Distance / Distance
This group trains primarily for track running events from 800m through 2000m, including steeplechase.

U16 Pole Vault
U16 age athletes who only want to vault can join this group exclusively. There is an extra equipment fee required for pole usage.