Download a copy of the BC Athletics Junior Development Parent Handbook.

Each spring, from April through early July, we offer a program for ages 9 to 13 to introduce children to track and field, provide quality coaching and training opportunities, and allow for an introduction to competitive track and field via a limited series of competitions.

We strongly believe children in this age range should be participating seasonally in many physical activities and sports. Exposure to many varied physical activities throughout the year is vital in developing physical literacy in our children, and has been shown to positively affect not only the long term development of athletes who choose to pursue athletics to the highest levels, but also encourages life-long participation in physical activity for adults.  

Our trained and certified coaches know that too early specialization within any one sport at these ages has been associated with early psychological burnout, greater injury risk, limiting of an individual’s long term potential within athletics, and contributes to lessened potential in other activities as the child matures through adolescence and into adulthood.

Within our season of track and field, we hold practices twice per week, and provide instruction in running, jumping and throwing events. Children are encouraged to try all events, and the emphasis is on having fun, challenging oneself, acquiring movement skills, and growing in confidence about their physical abilities.

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